3 Things that Should Stop Happening…Now

I’m taking this time to break my blog silence to post about something very important–three things that annoy me today.  Drumroll please…

People posting what they don’t want to happen on facebook

Every so often I run across a status in my news feed that begins with “If anyone else sends me a request to play candy crush saga/invites me to an event I don’t want to go to/tags me in a photo of their dog/cat/baby/goat…” 

You’ll what? 

Hunt them down and wag your finger at them?  Unfriend them?  I’m sure they will really miss your friendship since afterall you’re such an upbeat and positive person.  These are the people I usually unfriend or at least hide their status updates so I don’t have to see all that crankiness while I’m wasting my limited free time.   And yes, the irony that I’m complaining about complainers that complain is not lost on me.

Kindle raffles

Why is it that the Kindle seems to be the go-to raffle item nowadays?  Is it that no one really wants one, so people figure it’s a cheap way to drum up some fundraising dollars? 

Are all these raffled Kindles re-gifted (or ungifted-turned-convenient-raffle-prize)?  I don’t know anyone that actually has and enjoys using a Kindle, so I assume they have all been won at raffles or will soon be donated to one.  If you have a Kindle that you like, I apologize if you’re offended.  I’d be really curious to know what you do with it.  I mean, I can understand if you won it as a raffle prize and all…

Making personal calls at your desk while at work

“Girl, I just passed my kidney stone yesterday.”

“Look, if you’re going to raise your voice. … Don’t … Listen….”

There’s nothing worse than having your day of surfing the internet and complaining about things that shouldn’t upset you, I mean working, interrupted by an intrusive, embarrising-detail-filled personal conversation by someone sitting at the desk next to you.

There is generally a more private place to discuss your latest disagreement with your spouse, the intricate details of your doctor’s appointments, and making payment arrangements with creditors.  If I wanted to hear this stuff during the day, I’d stay home and watch soap operas instead of coming to work.

These days, everyone has a cell phone.  Many plans offer sufficient daytime minutes for you to use to discuss your child’s soccer games.  And the great thing about cell phones is they are portable!  You can use them anywhere (well, not if you have Sprint). 

Don’t get me wrong, it is entertaining at times.  But it is a distraction and sometimes I learn personal details about coworkers I’d rather not know, simply because I have ears.  Sometimes even headphones can’t make me oblivious to those heated arguments with mom over who’s cooking what for the holidays.

The only exception to this is if you have your own office.  If you do, then 1) you are a baller and can talk about whatever you want and 2) I probably won’t be able to hear your personal conversations.  You get a pass.

Everyone else, make your calls in the hallway or on your lunch break like the rest of us.


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