Fasting Isn’t Just for Food: My List of Non-Food Fast Challenges

The month of Ramadan recently passed, and it got me thinking about things to fast from besides food.  One Ramadan I successfully fasted from fastingforweightlosschocolate for the full 30 days.  Anyone who knows me knows I am a chocoholic, so this was a feat that I was proud to accomplish.

There are bad habits I’d like to abandon, or just things I’d like to try out to see if they change anything in my life.  After reading a blog earlier this week about eliminating certain words from your vocabulary like stress and tired, it reignited the behavior fasting idea.

The fast would be for a week where I would completely eliminate something from my daily routine.

Here is my draft list of some things I am brainstorming.:

Things to fast from…

  1. Television
  2. Social media
  3. Saying “I’m tired”
  4. Saying “I will try to…,” adding uncertainty that I can achieve whatever follows that statement
  5. Eating fast food (no more trips to Wendy’s)
  6. Checking my email more than once or twice per day
  7. Eating out
  8. Surfing the Internet

As time goes on, I’ll try to list them in order and update my blog with the results of my mini-fasts.


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